Sunday, June 11, 2006

Rebar not just for buildings anymore

Blackfive is runningThis Story (Pliers and a Blowtorch one) which of course turned my knob to asshole immediately! People I am here to help your inner hate for these type of people come forth. With that said I hope like hell he was beaten! I'm sure he's willing to live with that. He may also find it easy to deal with a monster like this getting a beating thrown at him. I mean this man cut peoples heads off!!!(pause for dramatic effect)Look People I bring these to you not to be scolded "HOW DARE YOU SHAMROCK!" No I want you to open up and see that this man was pure evil... PURE! People embrace your "Infidel" title. Because as soon as you do we can get on with all of our lives. I saw the best bumper sticker the other day it was in the shape of the MLB of Major League Baseball fame BUT it read "MLI" or as I investigated closer Major League Infidel.Outstanding!!

Look the TF145 had been hunting this guy for a long time. And if a couple of guys got froggy and slapped his "hands" for being a bad kid so be it. I mean Iraqis are so used to being beaten maybe medical care looks like the guys is throwing him a beating.

once again your moment of ShamrockZen(caution long but oh so worth it!)


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