Monday, June 12, 2006

Zarqawi, Small Vibrators, & Doocy

Day 5 in the U.S. medias campaign of martyrdom for a criminal! "Good Morning today's headlines will Zarqawi's death effect the mating habits of the Northern Iraqi camels?!?" I mean come on people everyone knows he's dead there isn't anymore spins you can put on this story. Unless Osama himself comes to the funeral! The Media really bleeds storys to the last drop doesn't it?

I read this story this morning and thought i would comment on this. I mean a man commenting on the "Duke rape case" is like walking through a bar of crotch high feme-nazi midgets with brass knuckles but here it goes. This whole case is weird as hell! I mean when it first came out everyone grabbed there stones and headed for Chapel Hill. But as more and more of the story surfaced it became fuzzier and fuzzier to understand. Then came our crusader DA Nifong! I remember him all fired up at one of Durham's local churches, which of course happened to be majority black, telling these people. "I believe without a doubt that these boys raped this young woman" and such things as "I will not rest until JUSTICE is served!" Well that got him reelected narrowly winning the minority vote. After that he vanished "POOF!" back to his predominately white gated neighborhood far from the means streets of Durham. My opinion on this!?!....Nifong the Destroyer is his new name! This man destroyed peoples lives to further his career and secure his bloated salary. Nuf said. As far as this "stripper" this girl is a kook! The night she was "raped" she was all over the the "your a dirty lil girl" radar. All weekend she was "performing" for various "clients" one performance apparently uncluded a "small vibrator" (Shamrock sez"Oh hello!") I won't ruin the story for you please read and comment if you want.

Steve Doocy from Fox &Friends is a woman trapped in a man suit! This man angers me into a violent rage everyday! His comments are pointless and usless. i think the only thing he's supposed to be doing is the weather and that's never done right either. I love Fox&Friends and will never stop watching it but they really need to televise his death and replace him with this very qualified person.
(that doubles as your Shamrock moment of Zen!)


At Monday, June 12, 2006, Blogger Blue2Green said...

haha...nice rant...I totally agree

At Tuesday, June 13, 2006, Blogger Shamrock7 said...

yeah I do that sometimes. i just hope that it makes sense when it comes out

At Tuesday, June 13, 2006, Blogger Blue2Green said...

Zarqawi didn't look like he'd been playing catch with 2 500lb bombs....especially after seeing pics of that house! And you got the duke rape case right on....a ton of crap that's gonna follow some kids around for the rest of their lives.

At Tuesday, June 13, 2006, Blogger Shamrock7 said...

blue2green: Exactly my point when these kids are proven innocent it doesn't matter the damage has been done! Everywhere they go they'll be known as rapist!...Sad really.


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