Saturday, August 26, 2006

Airborne Day at the Museum Part 2

Above are the busts of Col Aaron Bank. The founder and Father of Special Forces. Next to him is Col Arthur D "Bull" Simons which he's was the mastermind behind many SOF missions to include the Son Tay Raid and Desert One in Iran in the late 70's

Below are some "Special" people that I found inside in the A/C because it was so damn hot even at 9:00AM. Work smarter not harder I always say. They had all job descriptions and equipment there for the public to view. I chose the most "sanitized" pictures for you to view but none the less impressive.

The Medic


Scuba "Steve"

Below is the 1st FSSF or theDevil's Brigade. I took these pictures for our friends in the north. This WWII unit was a joint task force if you will of U.S. and Canadian troops. And in Anzio the Germans dubbed them "The Black Devils"

The museum used to have a great Global War on Terrorism section right off to the main museum display entrance. Well they have moved that out and put in a Vietnam War memorial/Airborne Special Ops timeline and major campaigns section. Below are some pictures of the entrance and some of the displays. The 173rd (my old stompin' ground) is also represented very well in this section

The 173rd ABN BDE or "The Herd".

Well that's it I have more but I'm not gonna post them. If I did you wouldn't have a reason to go to this amazing museum. If you have a chance or haven't been there in awhile go. Go and see it again. Everytime I go I see something new. Like the SF guy hiding in the bushes by the mock LZ in the Vietnam section of the main museum or talk to one of the old vets who give up there free time to work there. I took my parents there and I told one of the "old timers" it was there first time at the museum. Shoot he walked us around and told us millions more than I could ever BS my way through plus he had first hand knowledge of fighting in Italy with the 504 PIR in WWII. When I was at the museum for Airborne Day everyone was there WWII, Korea, Vietnam, all were represented. I ran into and spoke to a gentleman from the British Para Regiment that parachuted into the British objectives on D-Day! This guy was amazing! Flew all the way from England for vacation to the coast but planned it around this day. The stories he was telling quickly drew a crowd for new and old paratroopers. And you could see in this old mans eyes the joy he felt talking to the new generation of "Paratroopers". I also met a vet from Vietnam that was a "Red Hat". He said he was on MACV Advisory Team 162. I didn't find much on this on the web but he was an interesting fellow that talked a bit about there training and similarities it had with some of the stuff in the "Q". Well like I said I hope you enjoyed these pictures and sorry it took so long to get them up. Have a good weekend.



At Saturday, August 26, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tour Shambo!

I didn't know about the Devil's Brigade. Sigh. You're going to make me research aren't you?

At Sunday, August 27, 2006, Anonymous Pamela said...

Cool pics, Shamrock. Sounds like a great place to check out.

At Monday, August 28, 2006, Blogger Shamrock7 said...

Jenna: Yes I did some about the Devils they were badasses!

Pamela: thank you I really hope you get to this museum it's an awesome place.

At Monday, December 18, 2006, Anonymous xformed said...

That cover of the National Geographic has my neighbor from Okinawa on it. I was a civil service brat back then (62-64) and remember my Dad pointing that out. We lived at Camp Buckner.


Thanks for the pics...

At Tuesday, December 26, 2006, Blogger Snake Eater said...

Went to the Airborne and Special Ops Museum some years ago on the way to Florida. I wanted to take the kids to the SF Museum on Ft. Bragg (if it still exists), but it was soon after 9/11 and Bragg was locked down tight. I'd have liked to have seen the old barracks on Smoke Bomb Hill and all that, but had an absolutely great time at the new museum. It's definitely a "must see". The kids bought me a 5oth anniversary SF hat that I'm in danger of wearing out as well.

At Tuesday, December 26, 2006, Blogger Snake Eater said...

Just two more quick thoughts. I knew a couple of guys who wore 173rd patches on their right shoulders (from Vietnam) and all of them said that they never heard of the 173rd being referred to as "the herd". I heard "third herd" often enough, but apparently it's a new thing. They always referred to the 173rd as "Sky Soldiers".

The Robin Sage exhibit is pretty silly but it brought back a memory. Back when, Robin Sage was only for officers. Us enlisted swine went through the Q-Course separately from officers and also had an end-of-the-course exercise, but I don't recall that it even had a name. It involved a guerilla movement in "Pineland" and we ended up blowing up the president on a bridge (probably forbidden now as "assassination").


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